Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not Buying Anything: Nature Meditations Cure Nature Deficit Disorder

Not Buying Anything: Nature Meditations Cure Nature Deficit Disorder

Reconnecting to Restore Yourself

I hope you can see it.. The separateness, the isolation that people are living in today. This is why depression is skyrocketing and anti-depressant use is at an all time high. How do we turn it around? Hw do we get people feeling that everything around them is a mirror of them?.. Every tree or animal is a gift. How to reconnect to the WONDER?? Here's the answer... It's so easy.. No need to take notes... Drumroll please.... GET OUTSIDE!! Every day any chance you get. Experience the "Green Community." Take a break from your Facebook friends and see what real love, support and nourishment are all about. Notice what happens to you. Watch the overstimulation balance. Feel the fight or flight dissipate into the void of the universe. Experience the complete and utter freedom of peace and just RELATE. Relate to what is around you.. To what is in you.. The Native Americans got it right.. Instead of isolation look to "All My Relarions". Look to the trees. Listen to the birds. Be with the mossy rocks.. Notice if the connection doesn't captivate your heart... Stir your soul and transform you. For you are connected to everyone and everything around you, next to you and through you. Believe it to be true and change your life. Nature is waiting to give you that hug.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why are the birds bursting with song... When many times we can't even find the music?